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Pre-Approval Checklist

Learn what is needed to get from "what do I do" to pre-approved!

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to Buying
A Condo

What do you need to know, and how do you find the right condo?


Home Buyers Playbook

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Buyers Playbook"  

By Wesley Wyrick

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& Prepaids Explanation

What the heck is an escrow account and who is title? Find out here!

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Document Checklist

Know what documents you need and the ones you don't!

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On Arm Loans vs. Fixed Loans

What is the difference between an Arm and a Fixed Loan & why does it matter?

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to Financial Hardships

When can you buy after a hardship and things to keep in mind.

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to Private Mortgage Insurance

What is Mortgage Insurance and what type is best for you?

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