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Getting A Loan

For The First Time

First Time Home Buyer Options

Buying a home can be stressful. When working with myself and my experienced team you'd never know it!


We are a fully salaried, non commissioned team of home loan experts who's only job is to get YOU into the home of your dreams. On time, Every Time. 

Loan Options: 

  • 0% Down USDA Loan (Specifc Areas Only)

  • 0% Down VA Loan (Veterans and Spouses)

  • 3% Down Conventional Loan (Can be gifts)

  • 3.5% Down FHA Loan

  • 4% WA State Down Payment Assistance

    • Can be ​used in conjunction with...

      • USDA

      • VA

      • FHA

      • Conventional

Borrowing Power

Borrow up to 57% of your debt to income. This means how much you make vs. how much you owe each month. 

Speed to Close

Close in as little as 10 business days! Average closing expectation is 30 days or less. 

*Call for exceptions 

Minimum Credit Score

The minimum credit score a typical borrower will need to have is as low as 580.

*Call for exceptions 

Minimum Down Payment

Purchase with as little as 0% down. In many cases the funds can be gifted. 

*Call for exceptions 

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